Peer Review Response

Week 4: 

This week was based on peer critiques of our websites, in my case from Aman at I was quite looking forward to getting some constructive feedback on my website as I am always looking for ways to improve. 

Check out Amaan’s World for the full critique!

Content Critique: 

The overall impression I got from Aman’s feedback was the overall structure and organization of my website are very well thought out and professional, however, some smaller details needed more attention. 

I believe that the work that went into planning out my website paid off, as Ama said it was both logical and easy to navigate. The design processes of my sitemap (you can check that out here) was really about narrowing down and focusing on exactly this, trying to keep only the essential elements. It was also reassuring to hear that my website didn’t have any broken links, typos or missing pages as this type of stuff can often get lost from the setup to publishing of content. 

I didn’t consciously make the intention of interconnecting my posiel content as such with mini-assignment 1 and the process post. Making the process post is what inspired the content of the meme and so at the time, I thought it made sense to connect them and show my thought process. Hearing how Aman appreciated this, I hope to continue inter-linking resources when I can.

Design Critique: 

Here come the smaller details that Aman suggested regarding site identity, menu preferences, and personal branding. 

I don’t believe that my website is inconsistent as the main elements and design principles can be seen across all the pages, however, I do understand Aman’s point about incorporating the colour scheme into the other pages. Initially, I have been looking for ways to get rid of the teal and especially the green colours however I have been having some real difficulty with this as they seem incorporated into the theme itself. I have been debating on creating a child theme to fix this issue as I know a little bit of CSS, but I am worried that it will do more harm than good. Additionally, because it is present in my theme I don’t know if I am even able to control where the teal strikethrough appears – it shows up on the portfolio pages but not the contact, about or blog. I found it interesting that Aman liked the strikethrough because I do want to get rid of it but I think it breaks up the hierarchy of the page in a nice way. 

As for the header menu navigation, again it is another limitation of my current theme but I prefer the hamburger menu. Having a collapsible menu allows my website to focus on purely the content of the portfolio rather than getting distracted by the navigation. It is an intentional choice because I am not looking for someone to navigate off the portfolio page, that is the main purpose of the website and all its content is on the homepage. If users want to learn more about myself or contact me then they do have the option to do so, but these are secondary to my work. I also don’t intend for anyone to read the PUB101 content that I am publishing as I would like to stick to a more professional portfolio, so in doing this I am also able to disguise these pages without it being intentionally confusing or complicated to access. 

In terms of personal branding, this is something that I have been working on for a long time. I am planning to talk about this more in a future process post, but essentially I have been struggling to find a brand mark and identity that I feel encompasses my personality. The amount of brainstorming that I have done is crazy and I seem to still be running into the same issue as in my first blog post: Done is Better than Perfect. Aman’s suggestion is valid and essential to establishing myself online. I am continuing to work on this and hope to have something ready in the coming weeks to share. 

Finally, I was a little confused about his critique about changing the homepage section What I Love Doing, and wish he could have provided more feedback. I took this idea from the template that I was using and thought it would be a good way to introduce my specific interests and elements of design that I am interested in since my headline is more geared toward a general interest in art and design. At first, he said it cleverly showed my interests but then that it looked too corporate. I am trying to come across as professional but I’m not sure how users are interpreting this. 

Check out Amaan’s World for the full critique! 

Check out my review of Amaan’s World!

I’m always looking to grow my design skills and improvement of my website where I can. If you are reading this and have any ideas please send me a note via my contact page, I appreciate all input!