Mini Assignment 2 (Mark II Armour)

Title: Mark II Armour 

Type: Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, & Product Development

Date: May 2008


After the immeasurable success of the very first Iron Man Suit (Mark I), created by yours truly, the second iteration Mark II Armour has a more polished design, increased flight control using repulsers to stabilize, and Jarvous OS upgrade with visual HUD. This bad boy has been built with the newest technologies available at Stark Industries. 

See the development and test footage here


With the Mark II Armour, I have achieved the first-ever individual flight experience. Not only is this suit equipped with the armour to protect you, it now includes repulsers in the hand and feet which can maintain flight at high speeds. The repulsers are essential to stabilize the flight path when both flying and hovering, as I learned the hard way. In addition, there are also flaps built into the legs and shoulders for increased stability. Yes, I have achieved the impossible don’t look so surprised.

See the first flight test footage here


While it may seem invisible the introduction of, my personal slave … I mean AI systems and best friend, the Mark II Armour is completely voice-activated, and handsfree. The integration of Jarvous allows the Mark II advanced capabilities that allow me to control the suit’s systems while physically managing the armour’s functionalities. Basically, I can multitask like wizards and punch bad guys at the same time. The introduction of Jarvous also required a visual HUD so that I could analyze with all of the intelligence at my fingers. You see Jarvous is really really smart. 


I suspect that the Mark II will only be the second in a long line of Iron Suit models and capabilities. One of the improvements I am currently working on for the next model is to battle the freezing temperatures at higher altitudes. Unfortunately, the Mark II contains a build-up of ice at these lights which causes functionalities to fail. Currently, I am exploring other materials that required a much high freezing rate to shut down. Another improvement is the style. Who wants to roll around in some bland silver suit? If I’m gonna do this we are going to have to add some pizzaz. Thinking maybe some red and gold?