Design Feedback

Week 7:

This week I’m reviewing and responding to the second peer review feedback based on the design of my website for Alex Masse.

Overall it sounded like Alex had a pleasant experience on my website and thought the current design was quite effective. This was reassuring here since Amaan had previous mentioned some inconsistency with colours, which if you have been following my journey have been extremely challenging to fix.

Feedback Suggested:

Alex had two main critiques of my websites:

  1. The “View Portfolio” button on the home page
  2. Hamburger/collapsable navigation menu

I have to admit at first I was very confused by Alex’s mention of my portfolio. I didn’t understand what she was talking about and wish she could have included more context or images relating to what she was suggesting. After talking with some other people it was decided that she must be talking about the button underneath the portfolio section on the homepage.

The view portfolio button links to a complete index of all my portfolio pieces, however at the moment I only have six/seven pieces that are all displayed on the homepage. I believe that my theme only supports 9 portfolio pieces visible on the homepage and so I placed the view portfolio button to help navigate to a more comprehension collection of my work. I think for now Alex is actually right, it seems to be a bit of overkill since this option is already available in the menu navigation. When I reach the limit of portfolio options I might add this button back in but overall it doesn’t add much to the website.

I was also quite surprised to see that Alex had also mentioned my navigation being confusing. This is a concern that was raised by Amaan as well, and hearing it again was a bit alarming. I’m not going to go into the justification for why I like the hamburger menu since I already go into detail in my post Response to Peer Review. I don’t want my content to be confusing to access, yet at the same time use of a collapsible hamburger menu is standard in web design practices. This is not something unique to my website only and thus might cause navigation problems. If users have sufficient knowledge of websites or web design they should be able to understand how to access the menu. Admittedly, it didn’t hit me until last week that I have structured my website for a very specific audience, recruiters, which may have left my fellow classmates in the dust. You can check out more about how I am designing for my audience in my post, Niching Down for Audiences. Taking in Alex’s feedback and the justification I already have for my current navigation I don’t currently intend to change it. Also considering that the menu is completely dependent on my theme I am limited to the ways in which I can adjust it.

In addition, I experimented with a new plugin this week that allows me to make an image slider and import it in my posts! The one I am using is Smart Slider 3 and it has an abundance of features and easy to get started using. I think this design feature will be extremely useful for my future (and past) posts. The goal of the slider is to save scrolling space with repetitive images that can be contained within the slider. So far I have only implemented it in Welcome to the Omelette Bar post, utilizes it for the image sequence that might have been repetitive. It took me a while to find a good image slider and I got nervous when activating the plugins because a few of them broke my site. I couldn’t edit any of the posts until I deactivated the plugin. Nonetheless, I finally found one I’m happy with!

If anyone else has any insight or recommendation please send me a note through my Contact page!