Amaan’s World Peer Review

For the first peer review feedback, I will be critiquing Aman Ahmad’s blog, Amaan’s World!

If you are interested in learning about the unique perspectives and personal experiences of Aman, make sure you check out Aman’s blog.

What Works: 

Being a personal blog, I found that Aman incorporates his voice extremely well in his writings to create a very relatable experience. The blog posts are written through Aman’s perspective on the world and his environments which allow his inner voice to shine through and connect with the audience. I enjoyed learning more about Aman through his blog posts and more about his travelling and life experiences. You can tell that he has incorporated his everyday language and mannerism into his writing, I feel adds to the authenticity of his blog. Another aspect I thought was well achieved is the use of visuals to highlight his writing and journey. The logo is neat and readable and immediately adds a personal touch. I thought the photos were stunning, especially from the mountain of the first blog post. As someone who as never travelled outside of the content, I found it very interesting to see and hear about life on the other side of the world through an individual perspective. 

Things to Work on: 

My main concern regarding Aman’s blog is his audience. It is unclear who the website is for, and ultimately why people should read the content. If you know Aman personally I feel like the site could be useful as an extension of his personality. However thinking about the bigger picture, most of the people who are coming to his website won’t know anything about him or what his website is about. I think this provides a major gap in knowledge on the audience’s part, which may make them feel un-invited or lead them to navigate someplace else. I would also not that Aman’s posts make more sense if read in order from his time travelling to the outcome of travelling in a pandemic. I think it would help to build Aman’s World if there was a clear intent and purpose to his website, a niche so to speak, that he could work within. I believe this would help to not only filter the content creation to stay on task, but also to aid in the user experience and understanding of the website. 

In regards to the specific structure and content of his posts, there also needs to be some sort of understanding as to the purpose of the post which relates to a more general audience. While Aman’s content and his posts provide an excellent snippet into his life, as an audience member I feel like I am not actively engaged in reading more unless I know Aman. There could be a little more attention to involving the readers and keeping them engaged in terms of using his personal experience to convey a more general topic or perhaps give advice. Despite it being a blog on personal experience, audiences should feel like the content was worth their time and energy like they took something away from it. As of right now, I feel like I am reading the blog to learn more about Aman, but if a general audience doesn’t care who he is then they may not want to continue reading. 

Going Forward: 

I think the main suggestion I have would be to create a curated homepage and about page, that narrows down Aman’s audience and description. The homepage should have a clear heading and short description that explains 1) what the website is about 2) who Aman is and 3) why they should keep reading. I think just doing this alone will add a lot of clarity and context that is currently missing from the site. Furthermore, I think that adding an about page will also help add context to the posts. Because the blog is based on Aman’s personal experience it is almost essential for audiences to have some general background of who he is to understand the blog posts. I would also recommend that more context be included in the individual posts themselves in case viewers randomly select posts to read. When I was going through the website I found that as I kept reading about his journey backwards from quarantine to travelling I was better understanding details that I missed in the beginning. In this sense, the website feels more like a continuous story rather than clarified and structured posts. This aspect is both interesting as it makes the website a personal diary of sorts for fans who keep up to date, however, it can be frustrating for people who only read bits and pieces.

I would also recommend that Aman find a WordPress theme that is better suited to the style of his blog and customize it. A that utilizes a clean minimalist approach and showcases photography would be an incredibly great asset for the website, vastly improving the user experience, flow and reception of the website. I believe Aman was mentioning the backend struggles he faced in the setup of the website which is why I have focused my review on the content rather than visual aesthetic. However, I strongly believe that changing the theme would help in the creation of the site, by learning the different customization tools and creating a more powerful website in general. For beginners struggling with customization, I recommend using a visual website builder such as elementor that provide a visual drag and drop interface. Elementor works with most WordPress themes (except conveniently my portfolio theme) and is a great way to get started!