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Collection of spread designs for PRYVACY


Title: Surrond by Pryvacy Collective 

Type: Graphic Design, Interactive Art

Date: November 2019

Team Member: Alexandra Grant, Kaitlyn Andres, and Diana Tran


Surround, is an interactive art piece that highlights the growing issue of audio surveillance and privacy in an ever-growing digital society. The social ideas that Surround presents reflect privacy and the illusion that we always have it, as we often don’t know that we are being recorded, or who could be listening on the other side. Participants walk into a partially enclosed installation with a suspended pair of headphones and a red carpet within directional footprints. When participants use the headphones they are able to hear a live audio stream from two hidden microphones capturing public conversations. The orientation in which the user rotates their body position, via the footprints on the carpet, will determine the volume level of the audio. The microphones are encased in a lamp light sculpture meant to spark conversations throughout the exhibition. The outside walls of the installation were decorated with excerpts from various articles on privacy intrusion via listening devices to engage participants both before and after interacting with our exhibit. The live exhibition exceeded my expectations and was received very well by fellow students and faculty at Simon Fraser University.

My Role:

This project was completed collaboratively with Alexandra Grant, Kaitlyn Andres, and Diana Tran. While I was active in creating the concept, articles, and construction my main focus was designing the handout explanation of Surround. Specifically designing the collective’s ethos, print magazine layout, and article excerpts. My teammates were responsible for the technical requirements as well as the infographics presented in the magazine. 

Pryvacy Cover Design
Pryvacy spread design


The design was meant to highlight the social commentary of the art piece focusing on the aspect of recording sound. Design elements such as sound bars and target corners are used creatively to enhance the ethos of the art collective. The strong and bold use of the colour red allows the design to be high contrast reflecting the black and white society we live in while playing with the idea of a recording symbol. The layout is easy to read with large headlines, flowing text, and pull quotes for at a glance reading. Overall the design was a highly effective addition to our artwork.